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Aired: Saturday August 12, 2000 

While Molly is at the Stanley theater giving her performance she welcomes everyone
for coming, and starts out with Like a river.  While Molly is singing, scenes from earlier episodes are shown of Molly, Fi, Jack, and Molly and Rick.  Mean while back stage Fi and Jack are arguing.  Jack tells Fi that just because she and her father 
shared the same "hobby" doesn't mean that she's right about everything. 
Fi rebuts and tells Jack that just because he doesn't want to believe the truth
doesn't mean that their mother doesn't want to believe it.  She tells Jack that she knows what she's seen, and he can't talk her out of it.

Mean While back on stage, Molly goes into In the Darkness.  Again scenes depicting some of Fi's more strange and bizarre encounters show while Molly sings the song. 

Afterwards, Molly shocks the audience when she tells them that this concert is their last stop, that she's ending the tour.  The faces of the audience show that they are shocked and bewildered at Molly's abrupt stop of her tour.

After overhearing her mother's statement, Fi tells Jack that she wants to go on the road. She can't stop her investigation of the paranormal when she's come so close to finding out why their father died.  Jack tells her that her mother won't let her hitch hike across the country. Fi rebuts and tells Jack that Ned road cross country on his motorcycle when he was 16, so why can't she?  Ned tries to explain why not, but the words seem to escape him.

Mean While Irene is contacting their record label to discuss with them Molly's sudden change in touring plans.

Back on stage Molly goes into She Sells, which depicts several other scenes from So Weird from making the She Sells video, to the star dot star episode.

After She Sells, the last song of the evening, Molly thanks everyone for coming and leaves the stage.  When they all leave her band is a bit upset that she ended their tour so abruptly without any prior notice.  Irene informs them that the label has offered to pay for them to record the album at Hope Springs. Meantime everyone will still get a paycheck.  Molly is a bit overwhelmed that Irene went through so much trouble to get such a wonderful accommodation from the company.  After thanking Irene, Molly goes over and talks to Jack.  Jack asks his mother why she suddenly decided to stop the tour.  Molly explains to him that she just wants a normal life, for he and Fi to live a normal life, to be able to sleep in their own beds, and the other wonderful stuff that comes from being at home.  She asks Jack if he forgives her and he opens his arms with a big smile and gives her a hug.

Molly then walks over to Fi who looks forlorn sitting on the couch.  Fi starts to explain to her mother that she knows that she makes her and Jack mad sometimes but that she feels her father in her heart, like he's watching over them.  Her mother tells her that she feels the same way. Carey then comes in and interrupts them telling Molly that the crowd is going wild, and they should probably go out and do an encore.

Molly tells Fi that the next song is for her, and her father.  Molly walks out and tells the audience that she usually does not do and Encore but that seeing as tonight was special, she thought she would.  Molly then sings Another world.  As molly is singing, beside her Rick sings along with her.  Molly suddenly pauses for a moment as though she can feel him right there next to her.  After the song ends, Molly looks out to the audience and sees Rick walking up the aisle and then disappears.  

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